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Map view

Great new map visuals showing properties in the general area of your search as you scroll through search results as well as a maps display for individual properties.
Map View

Superior property detail view

Keep the focus on the property at hand with a large, high resolution photo gallery that makes great use of the full screen.
Property details slide to the side - so you can flick through the gallery while you read.
Twitter Bird

Share your listings

Allow users to use email and social media to share your listings whenever, wherever
Share listings

Slide out menus

Blissfully straightforward. Whatever device, one click of the navicon will bring up all your options
Slide out menus

Simple forms

Keep the paper work out of sight until you need it. Our slide out form filler keeps your website clean and simple.
Simple html forms

Plan your holiday

Users can organise their dream holiday with our integrated calendar. See in an instant if there's a vacancy - surf's up!
Plan Holidays

Whether you're an agent, or an agency, or a buyer searching for that perfect property - you need the best in real estate website design. Siteloft is right up your alley.

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Automatic syncing with CMS/CRM

Say 'Goodbye' to tedious double data entry - simply use the listings you've already added to your CRM for your website and go have a cuppa instead!

*CRM provider must support feeding listings via a commonly supported XML standard.

CRM and CMS syncing
Google Analytics

Anytime, anywhere

One of the most widely used website statistics services offers detailed analytics on your websites traffic and traffic sources. Stay in the know.
Website analytics

Super quick load time

By pulling information from your device memory and not the hard drive we give the application server less work to do, and your website loads faster.
A faster website means a better user experience, and increased SEO.
Fast load times

Built on Wordpress

Wordpress CMS helps you to create and update your webpages easily on your own.
Wordpress has a simple, flexible user interface that requires zero programming or HTML jargon. We’re not all web developers, after all.
Wordpress Backend

Personalise and make it your own

Your website can be tailored to suit your agency’s unique style in minutes. Template doesn’t mean cookie-cutter.

Social accounts

Personalise Social accounts


Personal Testimonials

Contact forms

High res images

High resolution images

Video feed

Video Feeds

OFI & auctions


Upcoming Open Homes

Customise your own template

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Kick-ass support team

Our team of super-quick experts are here to help you sort out any and all issues, offering same day help from right here in the Siteloft office.
Kick Ass Support Team