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Is your real estate agency ready for the mobile age?

Over 60% of traffic of real estate agency websites comes from smartphones or tablets - and that number is growing, every year.

Check if you are ready for a mobile revolution

How do visitors see your website?

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    Different devices

    Why do Siteloft websites perform better on mobiles?

    Page structure change

    Siteloft websites are fully responsive - so they look great and function well on every device, no matter the screen size.

    Font size and proportion

    Your font will always be proportional to other elements on the page.

    Image optimisation for speed and performance

    Humans are impatient creatures. We send appropriately sized images to mobile devices so they load as fast our possible.

    Mobile Phone with Siteloft website

    Mobile Hamburger Menu

    Quick links slide into a hamburger menu for ease of use.

    “Gesture driven

    Users interact through natural and intuitive gestures, making Siteloft mobile websites a delight to use.

    Tested on iOS and Android

    Because everyone deserves to see your listings.

    Different devices

    Be prepared for constant changes

    It’s true what they say: the only constant in this world is change. You can’t do anything to stop this crazy train we’re all aboard - you just need to keep up with it.

    At Siteloft, our top-class developers and designers work round the clock to maintain every one of our customer’s websites. So every time a new device comes to market, we’re prepared.