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Customise Your Website
No matter which template you choose, each page can be tailored to suit your agency’s unique style
Your logo is a crucial element of your brand identity. We’ll make sure it’s noticed – and remembered.
Brand/Colour button
Colour is an important component of your brand’s identity, so we make sure it’s consistent throughout. Adjust the colour of your button and header til it’s just right.
Brand text
Slogan, motto, phrase, tagline – whatever you call it, it’s how visitors remember you. We’ll keep it front and centre.
Welcome message
Make an impact with a welcome message. Keep it short for maximum effect; we recommend a single sentence.
Video/YouTube channel link
If you have a YouTube channel or video commercial, link it to your website. With Hazel, Felix or Jasper, this can be played straight from your homepage – what an introduction!
Social accounts
Encourage engagement by linking your favourite social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+).