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Feature spotlight: build your own search bar

Reading Time: 3 min read
Published: April 13, 2016 by Siteloft

Our search bar builder

Different agencies obviously specialise in different listings. Some people don’t need property types that don’t sell in the drop down menu in their search bar. That’s why we got the option for customisation!

If you’ve got the option to change one aspect of your search bar, you might as well have full control to change them all. That’s why you’ve got your own search bar customiser in WordPress.


What can I change?

  • The fields that are shown. Let’s say you don’t do property management. You work exclusively with property sales. That ‘Buy/Rent’ button is pretty pointless then. You can remove it. This goes for all fields. Anything that doesn’t apply can be removed.
  • Values within fields. If your agency exclusively sells properties worth upwards of a million dollars, there’s really not a lot of point having any of the pricing values below ‘$1m’ that we have set as default. You can delete them, and write in whatever increments you please. Alternatively, you can simply change the the price search to a text input, and allow your visitors to write their minimum and maximum values as they see fit.
  • The width of certain fields in the sidebar. You can set the width to a certain fraction of the bar (half or full width), and we’ll organise the other fields around it.
  • Change the field’s label. If you’d rather ‘Bedrooms’ be labelled ‘Beds’, or ‘Parking Spaces’ labelled ‘Car Parks’ – you can go right ahead and change the label to whatever you like.
  • Change between a drop-down or text input format. If you’d like visitors to type the bedrooms/bathrooms/price range they’re looking for, or select an option from a drop-down menu, be our guest.
  • The ‘Sort By’ options you’d like to give your visitors. Let’s say you’d prefer visitors to see your newest listings first. Or how about your oldest? Or arrange them from highest price to lowest, or lowest to highest? There are plenty of options you can choose between to give your visitors the best experience possible.


Homepage search bar

Our clients using Tyson, Felix, Jasper, Hazel, Alfred, Oscar or Parker also have a search bar on their homepage. Of course, in true Siteloft spirit, this can also be customised.

We have two default options for you to choose from here:

  • Suburb selection, listing type, price, beds and baths
  • ‘Buy/Rent’ button, suburb selection, listing type and price


Of course, if neither of these are your style, you can build your own from scratch.


Can I break the search functionality by fiddling with the settings?


While it is possible to mislabel a field and cause a lot of confusion, we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring there’s nothing you can do that could actually break anything.

If you make a mistake that has the potential to confuse our servers and reduce your search bar to blubbering wreck, WordPress will alert you and stop you from saving it. Plus, it’ll highlight the problem field in red, and explain what went wrong.

What’s more, we have a ‘Reset to default’ button at the bottom of the page. This changes everything back to our default search settings so you can start afresh.


Help documentation

This feature is simply too huge to go into too much detail on using it here in the blog. Instead, we have a comprehensive list of all the changes you can make for each search style (as well as step-by-step instructions) in our help centre.