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Feature spotlight: list view

Reading Time: 3 min read
Published: September 17, 2015 by Siteloft

The way your visitors search your properties is one of the most important aspects of real estate web design – that’s why you’ve got full control.

The List View


While the Card View focuses on imagery, and the Map View screams ‘location, location, location’ – the List View gives your property descriptions more emphasis. You still have plenty of imagery (three photos instead of just one in fact), but thanks to the extra space we give each property, this option is far more text orientated than previous styles.

Choosing this style puts your listings in a column down the page. You can check out a live demo here.



Thanks to the extra space, they offer your visitors more information on the property without them needing to click through to the listing page. You can immediately see;


  • Price
  • Address
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Car spaces
  • Land area
  • Selling agent
  • As much of your property description as we can fit onto the screen


If you’re an agency that likes writing stand-out copy, or pay the big bucks to have it done professionally – this style is for you.



Of course, it’s responsive


The List View works across tablets and desktop computers. To fit as much of your descriptions in as we can, on a smaller screen (such as a tablet) we’ll only show one of your property images.

Due to limited room on a mobile screen, properties will still appear in the traditional Card View when List View is active.




Vertical attributes


You can also decide how you want your bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces and land area to be shown. They can be arranged either vertically down the right hand side, or horizontally across the top as is shown below:






As always – here’s some help documentation to get you started with the features.


Turning List View on or off:


  • Log into WordPress
  • On the left hand side of your dashboard you have a ‘Siteloft’ tab – click into this. This opens up a new page with a few different tabs across the top.
  • Click ‘Search settings’.
  • You’ll see ‘List View options’ – you now have three options; ‘List View’, ‘Galley View’ and ‘Map View’.
  • To turn the List View on, simply highlight it alongside the ‘Gallery View’ and/or ‘Map View’ options.
  • Whichever options are highlighted will appear as options on your listing search page – if you think three is too many, and only want to give your users one or two options, you can only highlight just the ones you want.
  • Click ‘Save’.


Default view:


Although users can easily switch back and forth between the List, Map and Gallery View when they’re enabled, you have the option to decide which view is loaded automatically as default when a visitor clicks onto your listings pages. This can also be easily changed from the ‘Search settings’ tab.


  • As well as ‘List View options,’ you’ll also notice an option to change the ‘Default’; this changes what will first appear when a visitor opens your listings pages.
  • If you wish to have the List View load first, choose ‘List View’.
  • If you want the List View setting hidden until requested by a user, select ‘Gallery View’ or ‘Map View’ instead.
  • Click ‘Save’.


Vertical or horizontal attributes:


Changing the way your attributes are laid out across your List View cards is easy.


  • Beneath ‘Default’, you’ll notice the ‘Enable alternative layout for List View (Vertical Attributes)’ checkbox.
  • Ticking this box puts your attributes horizontally across the top of the screen.
  • Keeping this box unticked puts your attributes vertically down the right hand side.
  • Click ‘Save’.


Please note: Due to limited space, selecting vertical attributes will remove the agent from the listing card.