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Feature release: introducing the new Byron & Marcus templates

Reading Time: 5 min read
Published: July 27, 2018 by Siteloft

If you’ve already got a Siteloft website, you know that they’re incredibly flexible. Every one of our templates can be customised to fit your agency’s brand like a glove. But, if you’re not a Siteloft convert just yet, you might be wondering:  why templates?

Template doesn’t mean cookie cutter

If you build a website from scratch, chances are you’re going to need to repeat the process (read: purchase a whole new website) every 2 or 3 years. You might be able to squeeze 4 years out of it – but you’ll be sacrificing load speed, integrations, and about a dozen other things. Put it this way, your website will be out-of-date more often than not.

Here at Siteloft, we do things a little differently. We deliver our websites as a service, rather than as a product. That means we’re constantly updating our existing templates in line with new technology, and quietly pushing those updates to our users in the background. We’re also building brand spanking new templates! But we don’t provide this service for just anyone.

We create websites purpose-built websites for real estate agencies. It’s our jam. We work with real estate agents day in, day out – so, we know all the integral elements of an agency’s website and we include them in every one of our templates.

So, why change?

Siteloft websites don’t age, but – just like with all fashion – you might like to dress yours up differently every once in a while.

As your agency evolves, you may want to change your original style. Perhaps you’re starting to target a new demographic of clients, or maybe you want to try out a template that supports a welcome video.  Upgrading gives you a chance to refresh your agency’s brand.

So, without further ado, we are pleased to introduce our newest templates: Byron & Marcus.

Byron & Marcus

Byron is the chilled out brother, sporting a man bun and strumming a ukulele while intermittently taking sips of his turmeric latte (brewed on coconut milk, obviously). This layout is best suited to coastal or country agencies with beautiful landscapes to show off.

Marcus is the quintessential millennial sibling. He’s edgy and cool, and uses wireless headphones on his morning run with his sausage dog. Agencies with lots of inner-city listings selling the urban-living lifestyle will love the cool, sleek layout of Marcus.

We’re referring to them as brothers because we’ve built them using the same settings. That means you can change between the two easily… and for free.

Whichever you choose, we’ve given you all the tools you need to make it your own. After all, your website is your digital shopfront. It directly influences how potential customers perceive your brand, and literally sets the scene for all future dealings. Our customisations help you present yourself in a way that’s more, well, you.

Let’s break it down.

Video header

Our favourite feature of these new templates is the ability to upload a video as the header background. You could use your newest listing video, a highlight reel for the area you specialise in, or some fun clips from around the office. It all depends on the vibe of your agency.

Concerned about your website visitors on shoddy internet connections? No worries. When someone on a slower connection visits your agency’s website, your video will be replaced with a backup image of your choice, so they won’t be left with a blank screen. This could be the first frame of your video, so there’s a smooth transition into the clip – but it doesn’t have to be.

Slow Zoom

If you decide to stick with an image as your header background, you can now turn on Slow Zoom. No prizes for guessing what this feature does… it slowly zooms in to your background image, and gives your website a nice, modern feel.

Overlay Mask

If you use very bright colours, you can put an overlay mask over your header image and control opacity so you don’t blind website visitors.

Big Logo Mode

To emphasise your branding and make an even bigger impact, you can now turn on Big Logo Mode.

Quick Stats

Think of this as ‘your agency in numbers’ – cups of coffee, properties listed, sales over $1 million… it’s a chance to show off your personality, and what you’re most proud of.


You’ll also notice some very cool animations on hover states, so there’s a sense of movement. Our other templates do use animations, but the animation on Byron and Marcus is extra slick.


You can put together a completely customised footer, with an enquiry form, your address, contact details, logo or social media links. It’s up to you!

Switching between Marcus and Byron

If you’re interested in changing to either Marcus or Byron from your current template, the standard change fee of $1,000 (plus GST) applies.

Switching from Marcus and Byron (and vice versa) is completely, one hundred percent, no strings attached free. Because we’ve built them using the same settings, switching between the two is as easy as flicking a switch – just send the Support team an email at and we’ll organise a time to make the change.


Hold tight, we’ve got another two new templates in development. They’ll both be built using the same settings, so you’ll have even more choice!