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Easy ways to expand your brand

Reading Time: 6 min read
Published: July 23, 2018 by Siteloft

In order to be successful, it’s not enough to simply set up an amazing website establishing your brand. You want to be seen by a large network and remembered. To do that, you’ve got to get your website – and the content on it – out there. Or, in marketing lingo, you’ve got to amplify your brand.

While there’s no quick fix for becoming a household name, here are are our best pieces of brand-building advice.

1. Get the most out of your sidebar

Your sidebar is essentially a space used to display information that isn’t always part of the main content. Where your sidebar appears actually depends on the layout you’ve chosen for your website (it’s not always the side!) – it could be left, right, or along the bottom of the page, above the footer. However, what appears in your sidebar is up to you.

You get information into your sidebar by using widgets. Widgets are helpful little pre-built blocks of functionality, and for Siteloft websites can be in the form of a button (such as Contact us, Request an appraisal and Sign up to our newsletter) or a list (such as How to contact us, Staff, etc). Customising is super easy – it’s as simple as dragging and dropping – making your sidebar a good place to start when expanding your brand.

Here are some things to think about including in your sidebar:

The Image widget helps people put a face to the name, and personalises your website without being invasive. Real estate is a people business – you want people to get to know you better, as quickly as possible.

Oh, and remember to link this to your LinkedIn profile!  It’s a great way to promote your personal brand and encourage visitors to engage with you on a deeper level.

  • An e-newsletter sign-up.

If your aim is to get more people on your email list, and build your network that way, then an e-newsletter sign-up (we use the Ninja Forms widget) is an obvious choice.

It makes sense: if your name is consistently popping up in their inbox, it’ll be front of mind – and when they’re ready to sell, you’ll (hopefully) be the first person they think of. But, you have to be sending them the right kind of emails.

The trick here is to think of your email list as a transaction. Potential buyers and sellers give you their email address and in return you give them something of value – so a constant stream of advertisements just isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need to be sending out hot tips, market updates, helpful links and the like.

  • A quick search widget.

The Search widget is a handy little feature that assists visitors to find their way around, and get what they need from your website.

Visitors will make a very quick judgement about your website – and part of that comes down to how easy it is to navigate. So, the way a visitor feels about your brand is directly affected by the amount of effort involved in navigating your website. To put it simply, not being able to find something on a website is a turn off.

  • Recent sold listings

Remember, most of your website visitors are potential sellers – not buyers. It’s important to show them you’ve got good results, ideally for similar houses in their area. Recent sold listings show potential clients that you’re relevant and selling. In fact, they might just be even more important than your current listings (for your website, that is).

If you’ve created an image gallery of sold listings, you’ll easily be able to show these off by activating the Gallery widget

2. Use social sharing buttons

You’ve got to get out your megaphone to be heard amongst the noise – metaphorically speaking, of course. But, like testimonials, wouldn’t it be even easier if someone else did it for you?

That’s essentially what social sharing does for your brand. When visitors share content from your website on their social media profiles, it gets your brand seen by their network as well.

To encourage website visitors to share your content, you’ve got to make it super easy. It’s no good if they need to copy a URL, log in to their social network, paste the URL and hit post. That’s far too much effort for the now generation.

Social sharing buttons allow website visitors to effectively re-publish your content on their news feed, stream or channel. Add them on your website to increase your chances of getting social shares, likes and generating new visitors back to your site.

3. Tweetables for your blog posts

This is social sharing, too – but in another format.

A tweetable is a small snippet of text that a website visitor can immediately share on their own Twitter feed, with a simple click. It’s an idea yearning to be shared; a witty or profound quote which embodies a much larger concept. Essentially, it’s a short, insightful sentence that make readers want to tweet – and twitterers want to know more by clicking the link straight back to your blog post.

For real estate agents, this means interesting market statistics, local area insights, or perhaps even Budget announcements. It all depends on your audience.

Sure, the functionality is essentially just a fancy copy + paste shortcut – but it makes a whole lot of difference. You can come up with the most amazing quote in the world – but if your visitors don’t see a quick way to tweet it, many of them won’t bother. Tweetables make the process both painless and fast.

Not yet sold on Twitter? You should be. With around 336 million active users, it would be silly to ignore an opportunity to get more traffic from this social media network.

Here at Siteloft, we like Better Click to Tweet – but there’s also Tweetshare, Incline Tweet Sharer and a bunch of others. Don’t worry, adding a plug-in is easy.

4. Take your offline relationships online

Relationships aren’t built over the internet – at least, not the kind of relationship we’re aiming for here. But, once you’ve made a connection in real life, bringing that relationship online will help expand your brand.

How, you ask? Well, for one, it can give potential clients a more human insight in to all things you’re doing that they might not normally see – helping out in the community, high fiving recent buyers, petting cute dogs at open homes. You get the drift.

It can also help you nurture those relationships you’ve built. It’s a two birds, one stone kinda thing. Use your social media channels and website to announce your involvement in an event, and invite people along. Snap some photos, distribute them over your social channels. Wash, rinse, repeat. You could even curate group gatherings of your own!


There you have it, friends – our top 4 ways to start expanding your brand today.