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4 ways real estate agents can get discovered by buyers and sellers on Instagram

Reading Time: 6 min read
Published: January 29, 2020 by Siteloft

There are 300 million people using Instagram, so it’s hard enough to get noticed by anyone, never mind the right people (i.e those looking to buy and/or sell). Especially when every agent and his dog is on Instagram now – literally.


We’ve got some fool-proof ways to help you get noticed on Instagram by buyers and sellers and start building relationships online (so that they can turn into real offline relationships!). 

1. Post strategically  

Our first tip is also the most obvious. Increase the number of images you post on Instagram, and you’ll draw more buyers and sellers to your Instagram profile. Here’s how.


Find your prime time

Instagram has handy analytics tools that can show you the ideal time to post, how many people have seen your post and your engagement rate. The catch is you’ll need a business account to use these tools. It doesn’t cost anything to switch from a personal Instagram account to a business one – Instagram explains how to do it. Plus, running a business account gives you the option to schedule posts using a tool like Buffer, so you don’t have to stress about posting every day! 

Once you’ve converted your Instagram to a business account, you can find the best time to post. Tap the insights button on your profile, then scroll down to Followers. Here, you can explore the days and times that your followers are most active.


Use hashtags that buyers and sellers are browsing

You’ve probably seen the spammy #tagsforlikes or #photooftheday tags. Although using these hashtags will probably get you some form of attention, it’s unlikely to be from the audience you’re trying to attract. Property-specific tags like #propertyrenovation, #propertyinvestment or #sellingyourhome are much better. These are the tags your potential buyers and sellers are browsing.

However, attracting 100 likes from locals in Texas, America isn’t the same as getting likes from locals in your farm.  A like or comment from a local could be the start of a rewarding relationship. Who knows, it may bring you a sale down the line. 

To get local eyes on your post, use hyper-local hashtags. You can have a little fun with it, if it suits your brand’s tone of voice. For example, use the hashtag of the suburb, not just the city. Or, if you want to take it a step further, Alderley in Brisbane could be tagged #PillHill, as it’s referred to (as it’s an area where all of the doctors used to buy homes).

Here are some tags to help agents be discovered, specific to each capital city so you can simply copy and paste. If you’re from a different area, feel free to change them up so they’re specific to you. 

It’s important also to switch up your hashtags to suit your subject matter. For example, the hashtags you post for an open home (#openhomebrisbane, #inspecttodaybrisbane, #openforinspection) will differ to those you use when posting a photo of your dog (#groodlesofbrisbane, #dogsofinstagram, #brisbanedogpark). 

2. Make meaningful interactions

It’s one thing to simply ‘interact’ with people on Instagram, and another to have meaningful interactions that help bring you closer to the people looking to buy and sell. It’s about jumping into conversations in a positive and respectful way.

Gary Vaynerchuk has come up with an easy to follow guide to consistently making meaningful interactions, the $1.80 marketing strategy, and you don’t even have to dig into your pockets to use it. Here’s how it works:.

  1. Find the 10 most important hashtags for your agency

Brainstorm 10 hashtags that potential buyers and sellers use on their pictures. Keep in mind that these hashtags will be different from the above. For example, rather than tags like #justlistedbrisbane (which you would use for your own photos), they might be using hashtags along the lines of #bunningsreno or #brisbanearchitecture. Once you think of a few, follow those hashtags. Instagram will also surface similar hashtags you can check out. If you need some ideas or help, download our ideas here via the sign-up link above.

  1. Explore 9 recent posts  

For each hashtag, scroll through the top 9 posts. You could also explore and use location tags (think anything from Bunnings to local cafes), rather than area-specific hashtags. This will ensure you’re focusing on people in your farm. To search by location, just tap Places.

  1. Get to know the poster

Head to each poster’s profile and read their bio. Then, go back to the photo and read their caption. This will help make sure that the comment you leave is personalised! Do they like dogs? Are they a millennial? Incorporate this into your comment if it’s relevant.

  1. Give your ‘2 cents’

Once you’ve got enough context (eg. if they’re renovating their house, you’ll want to know where it is and perhaps how far along they are with their reno), it’s time to drop your ‘2 cents’. Leave a like and a meaningful comment that relates to them and their post. If they’ve posted a photo of their reno, you could leave a comment saying “Amazing location, looking great so far. Best of luck with the rest of your reno!” Don’t fall into the trap of copy and pasting, people can tell if your message isn’t personal.

  1. Repeat 

Search each of the ten hashtags one by one, and do this for the first 9 posts. This is where the ‘$1.80 strategy’ name comes in… You’re giving your ‘2 cents’, on 9 posts for 10 hashtags every day. (2 X 9) X 10 = $1.80. 

3.  Promote across other platforms

What’s the use of an Instagram account without followers? Add your Instagram handle to your business cards, your email signature and your website. All Siteloft templates have sections for you to insert links to your social media so that when people visit your website, they can access all your accounts in a few clicks. 

You could also cross promote with other businesses. This means that you get in contact with another Instagram account that has a similar audience to you and promote each other on your own platforms. Maybe there’s a local home stager you recommend, or even a local cafe you frequent with a solid social media presence. If they’re in your area and you have a good relationship with them, why not collaborate? Run a contest that requires people follow both accounts for an entry, or simply give each other a shout out. 

4. Optimise your account

You optimise your blog content for search engines (if you don’t, read this). So, why not do it on your Instagram too? 

Changing your Instagram name to ‘Real Estate Agent, [your location]’ and moving your name to your bio will mean that when people search for an agent in the search bar – you’ll pop up! It’s that easy. If you like, you can leave your name in there as well, use: ‘[your name] | Real Estate Agent, [your location].

It’ll look a bit like this:



Now that you’re attracting potential clients to your page, the only thing left to do is provide content that makes people want to tap that Follow button. We’ll cover this in part 2, coming soon!

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