Real estate online marketing – part six: email marketing

17.4.17 / Siteloft

This is part six of our online marketing series. If you haven’t already, be sure to jump back over and read parts one, two, three, four and five first! Now that we’ve got SEO, blogging and social media under control – let’s take a look at some other digital avenues to boost your engagement with clients. Email marketing is another great way of advertising your services. Email marketing is free outbound marketing, and a real estate agent’s best friend when it comes to building and continuing relationships with clients and getting them to return to your website – especially if you have some awesome content to share every week or two. Unlike traditional brochure drops and other print marketing, email...

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Real estate online marketing – part five: social media

17.4.17 / Siteloft

This is part five of our online marketing series. If you haven’t already, be sure to jump back over and read parts one, two, three and four first! Real estate agents are some of the best person-to-person marketers in the world – but when it comes to social media, plenty haven’t even opened up a Facebook page before. If you have already started using social media – that’s great. Keep doing what you’re doing, and do it more often. If you haven’t, put this down right now (mark your spot first) and start a Facebook page immediately. Social media provides a solid, non-intrusive way to connect and share with your audience. It’s all about relationships, after all. So let’s run...

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Feature release: better security, load speed and SEO

14.3.17 / Siteloft

Usually our new features are shiny new customisations for the ‘front end’ of your website; the fancy looking part that you can see on your phone or computer screen. But websites, like icebergs, have a lot hidden under the surface. This time around, we’re making changes to the the invisible code that quietly runs your website in the background. This might seem less exciting at first glance. But while you might not be able to see this upgrade, your browser and Google sure will. With one big improvement, we’ve simultaneously boosted your SEO, load speed and data security. ‘How’!? you ask. ‘How have you pulled of such a feat of genius and daring’? Short answer: Cryptography.   Security and trust...

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Real estate online marketing part four: content and blogging

22.2.17 / Siteloft

Content and blogging This is part four in our real estate online marketing series. If you haven’t read them already, check out parts one, two and three before you read on – it’s worth it! One of the best ways to push your real estate agency’s website up the ranks is by starting a blog. For starters, Google love regularly updated, original content. If someone’s frequently putting new stuff up on the Internet, Google will reward them with a higher ranking. Blogging gives you a few opportunities; Include more (and new) keywords without the risk of keyword stuffing – you can cast the net out wider. Offer valuable information and build a stronger relationship with your audience. Get more incoming...

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Real estate online marketing part three: SEO basics

16.1.17 / Siteloft

This is part three in our real estate online marketing series. If you haven’t read them already, check out parts one and two before you read on – it’s worth it! Even the world’s best website is worthless if no-one finds it. So before we go any further, let’s take a look at making your website as easy as possible to find with a search engine. The vast majority of your website’s traffic will come from search engines. (Primarily Google, who power over 67% of all searches. With this in mind, the emphasis is on Google here). This means we need to focus on ‘search engine optimisation’; the practice of tweaking and conditioning your website so it appears higher in...

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Real estate online marketing part two: defining your brand

5.1.17 / Siteloft

This is part two in our real estate online marketing series. If you haven’t already, please check out part one before reading. Defining your brand Step two: now you know your target audience is, it’s time to give your brand a serious mulling over. Since you’re going to be posting a lot of content to your agency blog, and putting yourself out there with social media, you need to have a solid brand identity before going any further. We’re aiming for consistency above all else. Branding and identity are important for every business. Now that we can research several different companies in seconds on the web before making a decision, it’s more important than ever that you can stand out...

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Real estate online marketing part one: strategy

28.12.16 / Siteloft

This is part one of our online marketing series. Stay tuned for further posts in the coming weeks. Your new website Your website is undoubtedly your most important marketing tool. This eBook is designed to help you get the most out of it. Great web presence is the difference between frantically hunting down leads and waking up to an excited new referral in your voice-mail every day – but merely having a website doesn’t cut the mustard. An awesome website alone won’t change your business overnight. You need an awesome marketing strategy to match. A lot of agency owners believe that they need special training or even a whole department of tech savvy marketers to reach new clients in the...

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Virtual and augmented reality in real estate

2.11.16 / Siteloft

If you’re one of those people who think virtual reality is just another passing fad (like it was in the 90’s), you might want to reconsider your stance… maybe. Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D mapping are three of biggest new technologies Silicon Valley’s collective R&D basements have to offer. Sony has PlayStation VR, Facebook has Oculus Rift and HTC and the Valve Corporation have the HTC Vive – and that’s just three examples. In the first few months of 2016 alone, investments into virtual reality development were north of $1.1 billion (USD). That’s a wad of American dollar bills 120 kilometres tall – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By 2020, combined investments into virtual...

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Responsive web design – the only future of real estate website development

20.10.16 / Siteloft

The following is an excerpt from our free e-book; ‘Responsive Web Design’. For more information, feel free to download the full version here. ——- The world has gone mobile. Gone are the days when the web was exclusively the realm of the mouse and keyboard. The recent rise in mobile-browsing means your site needs to work on tablets, phones, desktop computers – everything. To make matters worse, we’re all accustomed to websites of an extremely high standard. Boring, plain websites send visitors running as fast as they can in the opposite direction. What you need is a website that looks stunning on every device. You can’t weigh up your options and suffer the consequences of losing visitors on one device...

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How Google works: the do-s and don’t-s of real estate SEO

5.10.16 / Siteloft

A lot of our clients ask us about optimising their real estate website for search engines. We’ve covered the topic before, but we thought we’d take a step back and start from the very beginning. Before you can understand how to get your real estate agency higher in Google results, you need to understand how Google actually works in the first place.   How do search engines actually work? Google’s end goal is to allow you to surf websites based on the content they contain, rather than just typing URLs into your browser. To do this, they use automated programs called ‘crawlers’ to scour the Internet and gather information on all the websites they find. With all this gathered information,...

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