400 reasons to ditch your SEO consultant

1.11.17 / Claire McHardy

So, you’ve read about SEO basics and decided to give your agency a bit of a digital boost. Smart move, considering: Organic listings receive 90% of the clicks on Google. The #1 organic result drives 33% of clicks. The top 3 organic results capture 61% of clicks. Less than 10% of people go past Page 1. If you want sellers to be able to find your real estate agency online, then SEO isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. More clicks means more opportunities for you to grow your client base, and increase your real estate agency’s revenue. For that reason, it’s probably the most lucrative investment you can make. Good SEO works for you 24/7, no matter where or...

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Is your real estate website working for you?

26.10.17 / Claire McHardy

Siteloft provides the real estate website infrastructure for over 500 agencies around Australia. I’m here to tell you (and based on our data we know for a fact) that more people visit your site to find out about you, than they do to find out about your listings. On paper, it makes sense: turn your real estate website into a mini portal and promote current listings to generate more enquiries. But buyers and renters flock by the millions each month to portals like realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. By all means highlight your properties – let people search. But at the end of the day, understand that from a business generation standpoint, the most valuable use of your agency’s website is to...

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3 social media lessons from celebrity cats

18.10.17 / Claire McHardy

In the land of the world wide web, cats are revered in a manner akin to the worship they enjoyed in Ancient Egypt. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, cats are undeniably the mascot of the internet. We think real estate agents making early steps into social can learn a thing or two from these famous felines. Don’t believe us? There are more than 2 million cat videos on the internet – and each has been watched an average of 12,000 times. Cat photos are shared twice as much as selfies on social media. There are probably about 6.5 billion cat photos floating around on the net. In fact, a New York museum recently featured an exhibition titled ‘How Cats Took...

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4 ways to inject real estate testimonials into your social media

28.9.17 / Claire McHardy

Every burger joint boasts the most mouth-watering burgers in town. Every cafe lays claim to the best eggs benny. Every listing on domain.com.au is ‘luxurious without compromise’, ‘unique’ or ‘a must-see’. In a world oversaturated with advertising – trustworthy and unbiased testimonials are gold. In fact, studies show that online reviews can influence up to 90% of people’s decisions to purchase – outranking every other form of marketing. No wonder Zomato racks up 90 million visits a month. But as it turns out, most of us are more than willing to trust the opinions of complete strangers on the world wide web with a lot more than just our burger choice. There’s some interesting psychology behind this phenomenon. The “I’ll...

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Feature release: real estate listing documents

9.5.17 / Siteloft

As some of our clients are no doubt aware, there have been a few changes to the Estate Agent Act 1980 in Victoria to protect consumers from underquoting. Now, real estate agents need to supply a Statement of Information with their online advertising to prove the pricetag on the property isn’t deliberately low in hopes of starting a bidding war. As Consumer Affairs said, these must be readily available at a buyer’s request, open for inspections, and – most importantly – on all online advertising. Since Siteloft real estate websites are technically ‘online advertising’ as much as they are works of art, we needed to find some room to upload PDF documents to your listing pages. One week later –...

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Real estate online marketing – part seven: paid advertising

2.5.17 / Siteloft

This is part seven of our online marketing series. If you haven’t already, be sure to jump back over and read parts one, two, three, four,  five and six first! While we’ve so far only focused on the free, organic methods to generate traffic and engagement – blogging, social media, email marketing – if you have a little extra in your marketing budget you might like to consider some paid online advertising as well. Adwords Search engine marketing or ‘SEM’ (sometimes referred to as ‘Pay Per Click’ or ‘PPC’) basically translates to buying your position on the first page of Google. You choose which keywords you want your ads to show up for and Google will put your page as...

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Real estate online marketing – part six: email marketing

17.4.17 / Siteloft

This is part six of our online marketing series. If you haven’t already, be sure to jump back over and read parts one, two, three, four and five first! Now that we’ve got SEO, blogging and social media under control – let’s take a look at some other digital avenues to boost your engagement with clients. Email marketing is another great way of advertising your services. Email marketing is free outbound marketing, and a real estate agent’s best friend when it comes to building and continuing relationships with clients and getting them to return to your website – especially if you have some awesome content to share every week or two. Unlike traditional brochure drops and other print marketing, email...

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Real estate online marketing – part five: social media

17.4.17 / Siteloft

This is part five of our online marketing series. If you haven’t already, be sure to jump back over and read parts one, two, three and four first! Real estate agents are some of the best person-to-person marketers in the world – but when it comes to social media, plenty haven’t even opened up a Facebook page before. If you have already started using social media – that’s great. Keep doing what you’re doing, and do it more often. If you haven’t, put this down right now (mark your spot first) and start a Facebook page immediately. Social media provides a solid, non-intrusive way to connect and share with your audience. It’s all about relationships, after all. So let’s run...

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Feature release: better security, load speed and SEO

14.3.17 / Siteloft

Usually our new features are shiny new customisations for the ‘front end’ of your website; the fancy looking part that you can see on your phone or computer screen. But websites, like icebergs, have a lot hidden under the surface. This time around, we’re making changes to the the invisible code that quietly runs your website in the background. This might seem less exciting at first glance. But while you might not be able to see this upgrade, your browser and Google sure will. With one big improvement, we’ve simultaneously boosted your SEO, load speed and data security. ‘How’!? you ask. ‘How have you pulled of such a feat of genius and daring’? Short answer: Cryptography.   Security and trust...

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Real estate online marketing part four: content and blogging

22.2.17 / Siteloft

Content and blogging This is part four in our real estate online marketing series. If you haven’t read them already, check out parts one, two and three before you read on – it’s worth it! One of the best ways to push your real estate agency’s website up the ranks is by starting a blog. For starters, Google love regularly updated, original content. If someone’s frequently putting new stuff up on the Internet, Google will reward them with a higher ranking. Blogging gives you a few opportunities; Include more (and new) keywords without the risk of keyword stuffing – you can cast the net out wider. Offer valuable information and build a stronger relationship with your audience. Get more incoming...

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